COVID-19 PANDEMIC UPDATE:  Since March 26, 2020, I have been seeing patients who are physically located anywhere in Florida ONLY by telemedicine.  To minimize utilization of paper and the postal service, patients with balances due will receive a text message so advising and instructions for sending payment via Zelle (preferred).

Care philosophy

Every new patient I see receives a thorough unhurried evaluation to permit development of an appropriate individualized treatment plan. I fully educate patients about their diagnoses and treatment so they may actively participate in their recovery.  

An initial evaluation typically requires 90+ minutes and involves obtaining a chronological narrative of the development of the symptoms of concern, any past psychiatric or substance abuse problems, past medical history (major illnesses, surgeries, hospitalizations, immunizations, current medications, medication allergies), family history, and social history; evaluating the current mental status; formulating a diagnosis; and developing a treatment plan. 


I evaluate and treat adults, usually age 35 and older, suffering from depression, anxiety, mood swings/bipolar disorder, panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive disorder, attention-deficit disorder, and mental problems of late life.


I participate in traditional Medicare but do NOT contract with any Medicare Advantage plans (Medicare HMO's and PPO's). As of January 1, 2006 I do not contract with any managed care plans.  If your insurance has out-of-network benefits, I will assist you in securing any reimbursement to which you are entitled.



Initial evaluation/consultation, up to 90 minutes         $450.00

Followup visit, 20-25 minutes                                        150.00

Followup visit, 45-50 minutes                                         250.00

Completion of forms, prior authorizations for medications,

     drafting of letters                                                          50.00-150.00


Monday 10-12, 1-5
Tuesday 9:30-12, 1-4:30
Wednesday  By special arrangement
Thursday  Closed
Friday      Closed

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