The following articles and links to external websites are provided for your information and convenience.  However, Dr. Tobolowsky is not responsible for the content of the external websites, and the fact that there appears below a link to the website for a particular medication does not imply that he endorses or recommends its use.

General information

Guidelines for a Mentally (and Physically) Healthy LIfestyle (American Psychiatric Association)

Florida Medical Association Healthy Living Toolkit

Recovery International

Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous

Sleep disorders

How Long Do I Have to Take Antidepressants?

Side Effects of Medications

Sleep and Mood Log

FDA Medication Guides


Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance

Depression Central

Lithium and Mood Stabilizers



NIAAA Rethinking Drinking        

Alcoholics Anonymous

AA in Miami            

Rational Recovery   


NIDA Infofacts

Attention-Deficit Disorder


From the NIMH

Geriatric Disorders

Alzheimer's Association

Alzheimer's Association, Southeast Florida Chapter

Alliance for Aging, Inc. 

Family Caregiver Alliance

Home modifications for older individuals

Meals on Wheels

Next Step In Care

Respite Locator

South Dade Adult Day Care

VA Caregiver Support

Sleep disorders in people with Alzheimer's disease

      Alzheimer's Association

      Curr Psychiatry Rep

      Mayo Clinic


Relaxation response

Mindfulness meditation (UCLA)


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